Dynamic Duo Face Painting

Oct. 25th | 1:30-3pm

Teaching Artis Lindsay

​4 yrs old - grade 5 with an adult helper OR ​Grades 6+ with any friend

$50 + Supplies (link will be provided)

Grab an artist from your pod and prepare together for the most costumed day of the year. Join Wigs, Hair, and Makeup Master, Lindsay Saier, in this one day workshop on partner face painting. During this step by step workshop she shares simple face painting techniques that will help prepare your family to put those last touches onto any halloween costume. Each member will apply a different look using the other as their canvas. This course is designed for a high schooler/adult and child pairing. If you are in middle school and above you may participate with a like aged member of your pod. A link to a make up kit with basic face painting supplies will be sent to families to purchase.

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