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Located in the midst of beautiful redwood forest 40 minutes south of San Francisco, PVTC boasts a robust Children’s & Youth Conservatory as well as an intimate MainStage experience. We are always on the hunt for excellent artists who value quality, education, collaboration, and community.


PVTC is  committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We acknowledge the cultural, historical, and social biases born out of a harmful past. We seek to amplify marginalized voices and are actively looking to diversify our team. BIPOC artists as well as artists from other marginalized communities are encouraged to apply for open positions. Whether you are a designer, director, choreographer, stage manager, teaching artist, or have another area of expertise, we would love to hear from you!

Work with a dedicated and inclusive team eager to build the next generation of thoughtful and creative theatre-makers. We have part-time and full-time summer openings and are looking to hire a diversity of folks to join in the fun!

PVTC is an equal-opportunity organization and does not discriminate against race, color, national origin, creed, sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability, age, caste, marital status, or family/parental status.

Still in high school? Check out our internship program.


Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume to PVTC. The letter should outline how their goals as artist align with PVTC’s philosophy, state their area(s) of interest for staff positions, and illuminate relevant experience listed on their resume. Letters and resumes should be submitted to

Acting Instructor

PVTC summer acting instructors provide opportunities for students to explore the art and joy of acting. Acting instructors collaborate with a camp-specific director to challenge and support the growth of each actor in their role through games, exercises, conversations, and fun. Acting instructors will lead rotations of 8-12 campers through acting basics as well as share leadership of full camp warm-ups and games.

Stage Manager

PVTC camp stage managers orchestrate the behind the scenes “choreography” of each summer camp show. Stage managers are intimately acquainted with the vision of the designers and director carry out administrative duties to ensure the success of the vision. Stage managers are responsible for designing a smooth rehearsal and performance process.

Intern Coordinator

PVTC’s intern coordinator works with up to 50 high school interns to ensure a meaningful internship experience with PVTC. Before camp, the intern coordinator works with PVTC management to review all intern applicants and place them in appropriate roles, communicate with interns about their placements, training, and pre-camp responsibilities, send interns scheduling reminders, and assist interns with goal-setting processes. During camp, the intern coordinator provides information around schedule, acts as a liaison between staff and interns, conducts regular check-ins regarding intern experience, growth, questions, and concerns. The intern coordinator also provides opportunities for community building, personal growth, and special perks for interns. At the end of the summer, the intern coordinator provides a written report of progress for each intern.


PVTC summer choreographers collaborate with an experienced and enthusiastic creative team to plan for and execute dance moments in summer camp shows. Choreographers create and teach age and ability-appropriate movement sequences for camp projects. They lead physical dance-based warm-ups and teach dance technique and terminology in a safe, supportive environment.

Director of Social Media & Student Activities

PVTC summer director of social media & student activities creates social media campaigns that appropriately showcase the work of students, instructors, designers, and interns and oversees special projects, games, and activities for all campers.

Digital Theatre Tech Specialist

PVTC’s summer digital theatre tech specialist will work closely with stage management and directing teams to create successful platforms to run all technical elements of 2021 summer shows being presented live on Zoom. This might include playing sound effects, broadcasting pre recorded clips, and managing screen backgrounds. The digital theatre tech specialist can run the shows personally or train junior staff or interns on the process.

Community Ambassador: On Campus Safety Host

PVTC’s Community Ambassador: On Campus Safety Host will serve as the point person for COVID-safe practices during 2021 camps. The on campus safety host will oversee sign-in and sign-out for campers, monitor rotations in outdoor classrooms, oversee sanitizing stations and restock supplies like hand sanitizer, masks, and lysol wipes, assist with set up of outdoor classrooms and group spaces to ensure social distancing practices are followed, and handle any instances in which protocol is not being followed.

Program Designer

PVTC’s program designer will work with a variety of teams to craft a special program for each camp show. The program will include cast lists, synopsis, bios, photos from camp, dramaturgy notes, descriptions of rotations, and more.