Teaching Artists

We are always interested in meeting passionate, reliable teaching artists to work with our students. Our after school classes change on a quarterly basis and we hold vacation camps throughout the year. We look for teaching artists with a variety of backgrounds to work in these programs, so if you have experience in music, dance, acting, design, tech, directing, stage management, or a specific genre of theatre, let us know. Interested applications should send a resume and letter of inquiry to noelle@pvtc-ca.org.


Summer Camp Staff

We are looking for teaching artists to instruct in the following areas: acting/improv/character development, ensemble skills, technical theatre, costume design & construction, or other areas of theatre specialty. In addition, all teaching artists also take point on a major element of camp, whether it be a production element (like costume design) or overseeing special events for camp. These duties are determined based on the interest of the applicant and the skill sets of the entire staff. All camp staff members must: be responsible, punctual, self-starters, flexible, possess strong classroom management skills, and be willing to work as a team to create the most enjoyable and professional camp experience we can. Interested parties should send a cover letter and resume to noelle@pvtc-ca.org.

Summer Internship

Interns build strong relationships with students and staff and receive mentorship in their area(s) of interest, as well as helping to lead many of our creative and memorable camp traditions. More Info HERE



Bring PVTC into the Classroom


Who are we?

Founded in 1992, Portola Valley Theatre Conservatory (PVTC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create community and inspire individuals to discover their unique passion through pursuit of excellence in theatre arts. PVTC teaches students to use their voices, bodies, and imaginations to make creative decisions, work as an ensemble, and develop effective communication skills. Our experienced Teaching Artists are involved in local professional theatres, such as TheatreWorks, Berkeley Reparatory Theatre, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and Magic Theatre. They offer expertise in acting, directing, and playwriting.


What do we do?

PVTC will send an enthusiastic Teaching Artist to your classroom to involve students in pantomime, scene building, vocal projection, decision-making, text analysis, design and/or playwrighting.  Student participants will be given daily opportunities to join the ensemble in creating a piece of collaborative theatre that gives everyone a chance to shine.  Our residencies meet CA state standards for theatre education and can be adapted to achieve co-curricular goals in language arts, social studies, foreign language, and literature. Past residencies have focused on a variety of subjects, including fairy tales, Dr. Seuss books, the environment, world holidays, detective stories, theatre history, poetry, social awareness, and exploration of history.


Why do kids need theatre?

Theatre can take place at any time and anywhere. It teaches students to share ideas in creative manners by thinking outside the box. When given the opportunity to succeed in a supportive, process-driven environment, students increase self-confidence, interpersonal skills, listening ability, focus, and teamwork. 


What is our age limit?

We work with students on the PreK – High School level.  


Where does the residency happen?

Your Teaching Artist can work in your classroom or in an available multipurpose room.


Is there a performance at the end of the residency?

If you would like to incorporate a performance element into your workshop, we will arrange for an open demonstration to take place during the school day. Students will have the opportunity to showcase warm-ups, games, stories and/or short plays students have developed.


When is PVTC available and how much does a residency cost?

Teaching Artists are available throughout the year. You can choose to book 4-10 sessions per residency. Each session lasts one hour and costs $65.  We encourage schools to book a full grade-level simultaneously so that all students have equal opportunities to participate.


How can I get more information or schedule a residency with PVTC?

Email info@pvtc-ca.org to learn more



We look forward to playing with you!

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