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Join Us in Supporting PVTC's Future

Dear friends,

We are excited to share about PVTC’s successes with you and invite you to join us in supporting the theatre’s future. Whether you’ve been physically present on our campus weekly for fall classes, or your heart has been with us as you’ve taken your creative spirit into the wider world, we hope you’ve been feeling the PVTC energy and joy radiating across our community. 2023 has been a stellar year for PVTC! Our summer program was a stunning success, with campers, interns, crew, and audience members filling Lane Family Hall and the Redwood Grove, too. Our afterschool programs are overflowing with creative youth, and we’re looking forward to our collaborative production with Corte Madera, as well as many other exciting opportunities for youth and adults as we move into 2024. Our board and staff continue to be reminded of what’s so unique about PVTC. Our theatre is a forever-home for creatives, some of whom begin at three years old, peeking into a magic trunk and discovering imaginative worlds awaiting them. From there, they return year after year for acting classes, musical productions, and opportunities to devise original work. They explore leadership opportunities, try out designer and teaching artist roles, and then spread their wings as professionals. Afterward, they continue to return home as volunteers, staff, and audience members. Each time they arrive on campus, they radiate the values that are at the heart of PVTC. They tell us stories of the many ways that they continue to:

  • Participate in inclusive ensemble

  • Develop creatively through play

  • Through storytelling and listening, connect authentically and build community

  • Pursue artistic, innovative excellence

  • Collaborate with community partners to widen and deepen understanding

Over the next few weeks, we’re embarking on the final stretch of this year’s fundraising campaign. During November and December, we aim to raise $75,000, which will bring our fundraising total this year to $300,000. As we do, and in celebration of all we’ve already accomplished this year, we will be sharing stories and examples of how we see these five values coming to life on our campus and beyond. We’re showcasing the incredible impact that your support can make. Will you take part? By supporting PVTC, you’re making a lifetime of creative growth possible for everyone who already calls our community home, and for each new dreamer who steps into our theatre and dares to say “yes, and …” Your generous contribution will strengthen PVTC's financial sustainability, ensuring that we can continue to be a brave space for transformational stories. Thank you for your consideration. With your support, our wonderful PVTC community will continue to thrive!

Warm regards,

PVTC Staff and Board of Directors

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