Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume to PVTC. The letter should outline how their goals as artist align with PVTC’s philosophy, state their area(s) of interest for staff positions, and illuminate relevant experience listed on their resume. Letters and resumes should be submitted to

Director of Social Media & Student Activities

PVTC summer director of social media & student activities creates social media campaigns that appropriately showcase the work of students, instructors, designers, and interns and oversees special projects, games, and activities for all campers.

REPORTS TO: Managing Director

OVERSEES: Social Media Intern

QUALIFICATIONS & SKILL SETS: The ideal candidate has ample experience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and understandings the sensitivities of creating Internet content that features students under 18 years of age.  They also possess 3+ years teaching students in elementary, middle, and high school and love to design crafts & projects around a theme, as well as develop games and activities that are fun for all. Successful applicants are driven, independent, excellent communicators, collaborative, inclusive, visionary, and interested in developing the whole student. Teaching experience on Zoom and/or in a masked, socially distanced setting is a plus. PVTC uses Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox for all camps. This individual will also use Canva and may interface with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


  • Part-time prep period (March through June 14): $600-800

  • Camp period (20 hours/week June 14-August 6): $300-400/week


  • Full-time position for June 14-August 6, 2021


  • Attend 2 production meetings for each of the summer shows to get a sense of the work of each show (one with a social media focus and one with a student activities focus)

  • Attend 5 all-staff meetings and trainings

Social Media:

  • Design social media campaign plans and calendars for all 9 camps on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Student Activities:

  • Participate in one-on-one calls with director or other staff to plan activities as needed

  • Create projects, activities, crafts, and/or games that are appropriate to the needs of each camp. This includes collaborative rotation group projects and fun all-camp student activities.

  • Provide a list of materials needed for camper kits in a timely manner and a list of which actors need which items

  • Provide a list of scheduling requests for director/stage manager

  • Plan and facilitate training sessions for intern mentees, and help interns set appropriate goals, and train interns on specific projects/tools that will be used for their camp


  • Social Media:

  • Visit rotations (whether on Zoom or in person) to take photos and videos to be used as online content

  • Mentor social media interns in the high school internship program. The social media intern will collaborate with you to create campaigns, create graphics and copy for social media posts, capture screen shots/videos and/or take photos. Expect regular meetings and check ins with your intern.

  • Give feedback on and approve content submitted by interns, including being sensitive to camper approval

  • Post content to PVTC’s social media channels

  • Market key camp moments, such as performances, on social media

  • Student Activities:

  • Oversee small-group rotation activities and large camp activities

  • Mentor rotation leaders in the high school internship program. Prep rotation leaders on group projects such as cheers, video projects, or creative collaborations that they will lead. Instruct rotation leaders on their roles inall-camp activities. Rotation leaders also mainiatin sticker charts, corkboard, countdown. Under the director of the acting instructor, they will create a camp skit and lead theatre games.

  • Prepare end-of-camp gifts for each session

  • Attend post-camp meetings (whether on Zoom or distance, masked, and outside in person)

  • Record intern progress, accomplishments, and growing areas throughout camp as well as provide a brief written report about each intern at the end of camp

  • Following all camps, fill out post-camp feedback survey

  • Attend post-mortem discussion

  • Assist with strike as needed