Winter 2021: Virtual Play

10 weeks | Jan. 11 - Mar. 23, 2021


  • A quiet space where you can move freely and act/talk loudly.

  • Students may need help from their parents to download the script. I suggest printing the scenes and putting them into a binder for easy use during class. If you are unable to download the material, please let us know and we are happy to provide a hard copy for you. 

  • Students may need help reading through the script, I find it is helpful for parents to read through the script for 5/10 minutes before bed to help the students become more familiar with the text. 


Questions? Email


A Pocket for Corduroy

Lisa - Hanna

Mother - Valentina 

Corduroy - Everett 

Artist - Taryn

Manager - Andy 

Manuela, The Playing Mantis

Manuelo - Alexa

Cricket -Cooper

Frog - James

Elk - Cooper 

Katydid - James

Spider - Hailey 

Mop Top

Moppy - James, Andy, Hailey 

Mother - Alexa

Mr. Lawson - Cooper

Woman on ladder - Valentina

Lady without glasses- Taryn 

Salesman- Everett 

Barberpoli - Hanna

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Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 11.16.36


The Pocket for Corduroy

Lisa - Hanna: Dress, Hair in Pigtails

Mother - Valentina: Cardigan, Hair in Bun

Corduroy - Everett: Brown Shirt or Overalls

Artist - Taryn: White shirt, hat, Paint Brush

Manager - Andy: Navy blue shirt or dress shirt

Manuela, The Playing Mantis

Manuelo- Alexa: Green/Brown Shirt, Hair 2 side buns

Cricket-Cooper: Green Shirt

Frog- James: Green Shirt

Elk- Cooper: Brown/Black Shirt

Katydid- James: Green Shirt/ Hat

Spider- Hailey: Black Shirt

Mop Top

Moppy- James, Andy, Hailey: Red Shirt

Mother- Alexa: Cardigan

Mr. Lawson- Cooper: Sweater/Glasses

Woman on ladder/Dog- Valentina: Brown/Black Shirt

Lady w/o glasses- Taryn: Sweater/Hat

Salesman- Everett: Blue shirt/Hat

Mrs. Barberpoli - Hanna: Jacket/Glasses


Week 10: Mar. 23rd - LIVE showcase

Students log on at 3:15pm 

Families log on from a different device at 3:30pm.

That should give us enough time to get the students set up & run all three plays with a chance of us running a few minutes over. If you are unable to attend we’ll record the showcase and will send along the link. We’ll likely give the students a 1-2 minute break between plays to take a quick breather and set up for the next piece.


Week 9: Mar. 16th - Dress Rehearsal

Everett, James, Andy and Hailey - Hilary or Stacie will plan on dropping off a few costume materials on your doorstep this week. 

Week 8: Mar. 9th - Final Blocking

At home review your blocking & lines 

Week 7: Mar. 2nd - Final Blocking

Week 6: Feb. 23rd - Blocking


NO CLASS - Feb. 16th - Presidents' Week

Week 5: Feb. 9th - Blocking

Week 4: Feb. 2nd - Jump into blocking Mop Top

At home read through your lines & highlight them


Week 3: Jan. 26th - Review casting & jump into blocking Corduroy

At home read through your lines & highlight them

Week 2: Jan. 18th - Decide on our favorite stories

At home read through your lines

Week 1: Jan. 11th - Introduction, look at scripts

 At home read through 4 scripts