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Allyson Spence


Allyson Spence, MD, PhD is a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University in the department of medical oncology. She is also on staff at Stanford’s sister institution,  the Palo Alto Veteran’s Administration. In addition to clinical duties taking care of cancer patients, she has clinical research projects, and teaches and mentors medical students, fellows and other students in training.  Alyson is very interested in issues of inclusion, equity and diversity and is a mentor in the Lead program at Stanford designed to nurture the next generation of diversity activists. She also serves on the committee to help define the intent of inclusion and equity at the Los Altos United Methodist Church.  Allyson is a long-standing advocate of the arts, and is a Mom to three girls who have each taken part and continue to grow in their theater experiences at PVTC. 

Fictional or non-fictional person you think we need more of in this world: Albus Potter from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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