Session II: June 28- July 16, 2021 (3 weeks)


Session II: June 28- July 16, 2021 (3 weeks)

Music by Doug Besterman

Lyrics by Dean Pitchford

Libretto by Timothy Allen McDonald

Based on the novel The Big One-Oh by Dean Pitchford

Vocal Arrangements and Incidental Music by Britt Bonney

Additional Arrangements and Incidental Music by Daniel J. Mertzlufft

Orchestrations by Michael Starobin

January 24, 2022  - Pre-Registration Open

January 27, 2022  - General Registration Open

Camp Dates:


Entering grades 1st-6th

6/28-7/16 from 9am-3pm - No camp 7/5



Suggested tax-deductible contribution $200/week per camper*

PVTC’s summer camps inspire creativity, create connections, and spark lifelong passion for the arts. Campers explore acting and theatre design in a supportive, fun, challenging environment that is full of laughter and imagination.




Charley Maplewood has never been one for parties – that would require friends, which s/he doesn’t have. Well, unless you count monster friends, but they’re only imaginary.

But now that the tenth birthday is on the horizon—the big one-oh—it’s time to throw a party, complete with a “House of Horrors” theme. Of course, things don’t work out as planned. Will Charley be able to pull it together before the big one-oh . . . becomes the big OH-NO!?

Join us for show written with the pandemic world in mind!  Students will act, sing, dance, and perform in a COVID-safe manner! Each actor will complete a variety of design projects and have the opportunity to create a distinct character.

The show will be performed live on Zoom, with a few vocal/dance sections pre-recorded.


Rehearsal, acting class, vocals, choreography, costumes, props/virtual backgrounds, hair, makeup, inclusive theatre.


We want to see what each actor brings to the table! Please submit a video that includes:

  • An introduction: Tell us your name, your age, and your favorite thing about birthdays

  • A monologue or poem 30-60 seconds long: This should be a memorized piece. We encourage you to make vocal and physical choices to show off a character. Play around with it! Not sure where to start? Check out resources HERE

  • 30 seconds of you singing: Find a karaoke track of a favorite song, preferably from a musical. Pick something that you enjoy singing and shows off your voice. There are lots of awesome free karaoke options on YouTube. Play the song in the background and perform along with it. Please make sure the volume on your accompaniment track is turned down and that there isn’t another person singing. We want to hear YOUR voice. Lastly, don’t forget to act! We want to see the emotion and character you bring to the song. Perform for the camera as though you were performing for a live audience.


TBD date

*Weekly Charitable Contribution Request -Support Teaching Artists & Scholarship Students:

We request families who are able to contribute an additional $200/week per camper.

Tuition does not cover all camp-related expenses. These valuable tax-deductible donations allow PVTC to offer a livable wage to the teaching artists who pour their energy and passion into campers. Returning families will know the importance of the connection between PVTC staff members and students/interns who form positive lasting relationships through the years. Teaching artists are committed to developing artists and individuals and give extra care to each student to inspire and guide them. They are the heart of PVTC. Help us support these artists in the incredible work they do.


Further, PVTC is committed to offering programming to all students regardless of financial need. Tax-deductible contributions ensure we can keep theatre accessible.


Learn more about what tuition and your generous donations cover HERE 


PVTC recognizes that families may be cautious to sign up for summer programming given the unknowns of the times. Some families may be comfortable only with an online camp experience while others may want to participate only in-person. In an effort to be flexible with families’ needs, PVTC has updated our refund policy for 2021 as follows:​​

  • If you plan to participate in camp no matter what, you can pay in full or choose a payment plan at the time of registration.

  • If you are waiting to learn which platform PVTC will be using for camp this year, the process is as follows:

    • A $100 non-refundable deposit holds your place in camp at the time of registration.

    • On April 23rd 2021 PVTC will announce the location of camps (online, in-person, or hybrid).

    • By April 30th families will need to state their intent to participate in camp. 

    • On April 30th 50% of tuition payment is due. 

    • On May 28th the remaining tuition balance is due. 

    • Families needing a more flexible payment plan please contact, We are happy to work with you!


    • $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. 

    • 25% of of tuition is non-refundable after April 30th.

    • 50% of tuition is non-refundable after May 14th.

    • No refunds will be offered after May 28th.