Music and Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez

Book by Jennifer Lee

Based on the Disney film written by Jennifer Lee and directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

The original Broadway production of Frozen was directed by Michael Grandage and produced by Disney Theatrical Productions.

January 24, 2022  - Pre-Registration Open

January 27, 2022  - General Registration Open

Camp Dates:


Entering grades K-8th

6/13-7/1 9am-4pm (9am-1pm option for grades K-2)


$2,400 for full-day campers; $1,350 for half-day

Suggested tax-deductible contribution $200/week per camper*

PVTC’s summer camps inspire creativity, create connections, and spark lifelong passion for the arts. Campers explore acting and theatre design in a supportive, fun, challenging environment that is full of laughter and imagination.



  • Thursday, June 30th performances at 2:30pm 

  • Friday, July 1st performances at 10:30am and 2:30pm

ABOUT “Frozen JR"

Yes, we know summers have been getting hotter and hotter, but if you really use your imagination, you might feel an icy chill on the breeze… There's magic in the air at PVTC this summer! Theatre magic, that is. Join your PVTC friends and family and explore the world of Frozen Jr.! Based on the 2018 Broadway production, this musical has all of your favorite characters and songs from the 2013 Disney film, plus a few more that are sure to melt your heart.

This adventurous, witty, hopeful tale of friendship centers on the relationship between sisters Elsa and Anna, princesses in the Land of Arendelle. When Frozen Jr. begins, the two girls– Young Elsa and Young Anna– are young, happy, and best friends– their frequent playtime made more fun by Elsa’s ice magic. When Young Elsa accidentally strikes Young Anna with her powers, her parents– Queen Iduna and King Agnarr– turn to the Hidden Folk for help. Their leaders– Pabbie and Bulda– heal Young Anna and erase all her memories of Young Elsa’s ice powers. “Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show” becomes Young Elsa’s new mantra. She isolates herself from Young Anna, and the castle gates are closed to protect the townspeople from her magic.

Years pass, the sisters grow older, and Middle Elsa’s powers become even stronger and more challenging to control. Without her memories, Middle Anna wonders why Middle Elsa will no longer play with her. The King and Queen leave the kingdom to search for answers but are lost at sea.

On the day of Elsa’s coronation as Queen of Arendelle, the Castle Staff reopen the gates. As guests arrive, Anna bumps into the charming Prince Hans, and both of them slam into Kristoff, a local ice harvester, and his reindeer, Sven. The Bishop crowns Elsa. At the ball that evening, the two sisters finally talk and laugh together, particularly at the expense of the arrogant Duke of Weselton. Later, Anna finds Hans, and the two immediately fall in love and decide to marry. The couple asks Elsa for her blessing of their marriage, but she refuses. As tensions rise, Elsa accidentally shoots ice into the ballroom. Elsa flees, and Anna runs out to find her.

On the snowy mountainside, Anna runs into Kristoff and Sven. They agree to help her find Elsa, and are startled when Olaf, a magical snowman, appears. Olaf vows to help them bring back summer. The group also comes across Oaken and Oaken's Family, who teach them about hygge (a Danish and Norwegian word for coziness) and provide them with winter gear.

Isolated in an ice palace of her own making, Elsa lets go of her fear and embraces her powers. Meanwhile, Hans and Weselton send out a search party to find Anna and capture Elsa.

Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf finally find Elsa. Elsa's newfound liberation doesn't last long, however, once Anna reveals that her powers have set off an eternal winter everywhere. In her panic, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna again. When Elsa blasts the group down the mountain, they seek a cure for Anna from the Hidden Folk , who think she and Kristoff are a couple. When Anna faints, however, Pabbie and Bulda inform them that only an act of true love can thaw her frozen heart, so they return to Arendelle to find Hans.

Meanwhile, Elsa is captured and brought back to the castle. When Anna arrives, Hans reveals that he never loved her and was just using her to become King of Arendelle. He leaves Anna to freeze to death, but Olaf helps her escape to find Kristoff. Hans tells the kingdom that Anna has died and sentences Elsa to death, who, in her fear, creates a massive blizzard. As Anna is about to reunite with Kristoff, she sees that Hans has drawn his sword over Elsa. Anna sacrifices herself, stopping Kristoff's sword as she turns to ice.

This act of true love between sisters thaws Anna, and Elsa realizes that love can thaw the effects of her powers. Anna sends Hans away, and the kingdom celebrates while all vow to fill the world with light and love.

This summer, we will dig deeply into the meaning of this story, exploring themes of identity, disability, and mental health, in a fun and age-specific way, while taking part in classic camp traditions and developing our skills as theater artists. We’ll create a show overflowing with energy, heart, and magic, worthy of our return to the indoor summer camp stage! Really, after these past few years, we all need some space to “Let it Go!”


Our goal is for the final performance to take in person, with masked audiences indoors. There will also be livestreamed opportunities to watch the performances at home. Ticket info and specifics to come.


Rehearsal, acting class, choreography, vocal rehearsals, costumes, props, hair, makeup, and age-specific workshops exploring the themes of the show.


We want to see what each actor brings to the table! Our team of directors and designers will use your auditions to craft the world of Frozen Jr. with the goal of offering a fun and challenging program specifically for the group of students who sign up. There will be two parts to auditions:

  1. A pre-recorded video audition, due with audition forms within one week of enrolling in camp

  2. An in-person callback at PVTC on Saturday, April 23rd from 9:30am-2:30pm


We want you to have fun with this pre-recorded audition video! Each actor is asked to submit a video that includes:

  • An introduction: Tell us your name & age

  • A poem or monologue (1 minute or less): We prefer this to be a memorized piece. We encourage you to make vocal and physical choices to show off a character. Have fun with it!

  • A vocal audition: 30 seconds of you singing to an instrumental karaoke track (a song from ANOTHER musical). Please make sure the volume on your accompaniment track is turned down and that there isn’t another person singing. We want to hear YOUR voice. Don't forget to tell us the name of the song before you start singing!

WHAT TO EXPECT AT CALLBACKS - Saturday 4/23 from 9:30am-2:30pm

In-person callbacks are a fun opportunity to meet your fellow cast members, work with your director, and take a stab at acting scenes from the show. Callbacks will start with theatre warm-ups and games. Students will learn simple choreography from the show. Students interested in speaking and solo roles will also have the opportunity to sing music from Frozen Jr. and read sides (short scenes) from the script. Music and sides will be provided before callbacks so students can prepare.

*Weekly Charitable Contribution Request -Support Teaching Artists & Scholarship Students:

We request families who are able to contribute an additional $200/week per camper.

Tuition does not cover all camp-related expenses. These valuable tax-deductible donations allow PVTC to offer a livable wage to the teaching artists who pour their energy and passion into campers. Returning families will know the importance of the connection between PVTC staff members and students/interns who form positive lasting relationships through the years. Teaching artists are committed to developing artists and individuals and give extra care to each student to inspire and guide them. They are the heart of PVTC. Help us support these artists in the incredible work they do.


Further, PVTC is committed to offering programming to all students regardless of financial need. Tax-deductible contributions ensure we can keep theatre accessible.


Learn more about what tuition and your generous donations cover HERE 


PVTC recognizes that families may be cautious to sign up for summer programming given the unknowns of the times. Some families may be comfortable only with an online camp experience while others may want to participate only in-person. In an effort to be flexible with families’ needs, PVTC has updated our refund policy for 2021 as follows:​​

  • If you plan to participate in camp no matter what, you can pay in full or choose a payment plan at the time of registration.

  • If you are waiting to learn which platform PVTC will be using for camp this year, the process is as follows:

    • A $100 non-refundable deposit holds your place in camp at the time of registration.

    • On April 23rd 2021 PVTC will announce the location of camps (online, in-person, or hybrid).

    • By April 30th families will need to state their intent to participate in camp. 

    • On April 30th 50% of tuition payment is due. 

    • On May 28th the remaining tuition balance is due. 

    • Families needing a more flexible payment plan please contact, We are happy to work with you!


    • $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration. 

    • 25% of of tuition is non-refundable after April 30th.

    • 50% of tuition is non-refundable after May 14th.

    • No refunds will be offered after May 28th.