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This year, eight PVTC seniors will graduate after having part of the program for many years. For their final project, they are working with their peers in High School Performance Troupe to produce a  variety of passion projects. They were given the opportunity to write, direct, perform, design, or take on another role of their choosing as their “Swan Song” to PVTC. This year’s senior projects include a new musical, a contemporary film adaptation of Hamlet, the formation of an improv troupe, an eight-part murder mystery TV series, and design/directing work. 

Senior Projects will be presented in Lane Family Hall on Wednesday, May 16th at 6pm.

Feb. 19th-23rd


Grades 1st-8th


Senior Project:

Improv Troupe Directors

“Don’t You Know that Theatre’s Still Gay” Choreographers 

About Jess & Tara's Projects:

Jess and Tara were eager to learn more about the art behind improvisation and are excited to work with their peers to learn not just how to be funny onstage, but how to create scenes and characters that are interesting for an audience. They will present two short improvisation sequence and one long-from improv scene at the senior project presentation evening. 

After having been in many PVTC musicals, they are also enjoying trying on their choreographer hats (quite literally) and collaborating with Shane Turner to bring movement to his fabulous original song. 




Senior Projects:

Music & Lyrics for the new 20-minute musical Love Life 

Music & Lyrics for the new 10-minute musical The Examiner​ 

Music & Lyrics for the original song "Don’t You Know That Theater’s Still Gay?" 

About Shane's Projects:

In his three original musical pieces, Shane fulfills a life-long goal of completing a musical before graduating high school. His projects explore themes of mortality, sexuality, and relationships with a bent towards the other-worldy and sometimes super natural. Shane's musicals are heavily influenced by contemporary works like Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, and Neil Patrick Harris' opening to the 2012 TONY awards, as well as classics by composers such as Sondheim. Shane serves as the musical director and conductor on each of his projects.


Senior Project(s):

Director for the new musical Consider This! 

Information about Jey's project

Consider This is satiric musical theatre one act about a woman who gets kidnapped by a cult and their process of indoctrinating her. The whole thing is a comedy intended to shed a negative light on cults and their mentalities. It’s funny and dark, with a twisted sense of humor.


After seeing the piece written by fellow Lick-Wilmerding student Daniel Holzman last year, Jey became excited to stage the piece at PVTC. Rather than rehearsing throughout the semester, Jey chose to block the piece in a blitz-style weekend in which actors met for two long chunks of time to put the whole musical together. 


Senior Project(s):

Director - Selected Scenes from Hamlet, a film adaptation

Information about Jack's project

Jack's project explores selected scenes from HAMLET in a modern film retelling of Shakespeare’s classic. The purpose of this project is to use the text to explore issues like mental health, violence, suicide, power, religion, and legacy. Though Jack originally hoped to make a full-length version of HAMLET, he instead chose to focus on a few key scenes so he could spend time on script editing, storyboarding, and thinking through his shot list.  


Senior Project:

Director, Love Life 

Information about Maria's project involvement

After having performed on the PVTC stage many, many times, Maria was excited to lend her backstage expertise to this year's senior projects. Turns out where we needed her most was in directing Shane Turner's all-female Love Life and Maria jumped in with enthusiasm. She has worked with actors on staging, character development, and clean transitions. 


Senior Project:

Lighting Designer, Consider This!

Information about Lauren's project involvement

Lauren has often been seen on the PVTC stage showing off her rich alto voice, and while she is performing in Shane's Love Life, she was interested to learn more about technical theatre for this year's project. She has spent several rehearsals learning about lighting design using PVTC's iPad app and is creating the lighting looks for Consider This!


Senior Project:

7-part TV Series - Director

Information about Lena's project:

Lena is writing and directing a seven-part thriller that focuses on a girl, Mary, mysteriously removed from school years earlier. She comes back and methodically begins killing her ex classmates. Before she kills each of her victims, she calls them and they play a game of 20 questions. If they can guess why they’re being killed, they survive. If not, they end up being found days later with no pulse and a pomegranate in their mouth. With a new victim each week, one girl and an unlikely group of friends join together to find out who and why is committing these crimes, before it goes too far. Lena's project is being filmed outside of PVTC and involves both PVTC and non PVTC actors. An exceprt of her work will be viewed at the senior project presentation evening. 

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