When angels appeared outside the town of Bethlehem proclaiming the greatest news the world had ever heard, they didn’t deliver their message to the “high and mighty,” but to the simple and lowly — shepherds! And, not just any shepherds, but easily-disregarded “night shepherds.” Little did they know that the promised king, the Messiah from the line of King David, was born that night, right there in Bethlehem, and would grow up to be both the Lamb of God, and the Good Shepherd! Glory to God In the Highest became Glory to God in the Lowest, too, as the very Son of God came to the world He created as a tiny baby in a lowly manger!

COID Protocol: Masks are required for all performances regardless of vaccination status. If you or anyone in your party has been exposed to COVID within 14 days of the performer or is experiencing COVID symptoms on the day of the show, we kindly ask that they stay home. A livestream of the pageant will be available for those who wish to enjoy from the safety of their houses. 



The Shepherd Sqaud

Skippy - Alyra A.

Shiloh - Avery H.

Abigail - Kate M.

Jethro - Lena P.

Tabbie - Lily F.

Ezra - Max F.


The Bethlehem Bunch 

Tobias - Agastya G.

Joanna - Avery A.

Kenan - Jackson B.

Phebe - Aaria J.

Adult Tabbie - Krista B.

The Shepherds-in-Training

Bethany - Allie

Ruach - Aru G.

Levi - Julian B.

Leah - Lucy F.

Anna - Sadhana

Hannah - Simone

Lucas - Thomas W.


The Sheep

Wooly - Addy S.

Fleece - Athena G.

Sheepdog - Bayley A. 

Q-Tip - Joie

Cotton Ball - Max F.

Angels -

Darlene B., Betsy B., Don G., Mari F., Raissa M., Sherilyn J.


Census Taker - Theo S.


Baby Jesus - Carli 


Mary - Cindy L.


Joseph - Peter W.


Co-Producers - Kerry Tremblay, Noëlle GM Gibbs, and Stacie Doherty

Director & Choreographer - Noëlle GM Gibbs

Music Director - Raf Ornes

NextGen Lead, Valley Presbyterian Church - Kerry Tremblay

Associate Director - Betsy Burdick

Associate Director/Choreographer - Jessica Bennett

Guide to our Shepherds-in-Training - Krista Bowman

Guide to our Sheep - Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov

Operation Coordination - Amy Wordon

Valley Pres Church Communication - Kathy Hovsmith

With a special thanks to our additional production volunteers: Alice Chiang, Aijo Inenaga, Jimmy Inenaga, and Jenny Unnasch

Grounds Keeper - Rigo Paz

Much gratitude to supportive & committed parents

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2021 Christmas Pageant
Musical Experience

Saturday December 11  | 10:30 a.m & 5p.m. 

Sunday December 12  | 10:45 a.m 


Run Time: Approx. 35 minutes

Light refreshments to follow 


Zoom viewing also available show is approximately 35 minutes refreshments will follow

PVTC has partnered with our home venue, Valley Presbyterian Church, to offer a free holiday gift to the community: a warm-hearted Christmas pageant musical experience. 


The cast features kids & adults from Valley Presbyterian Church, PVTC students, and young people from the greater Peninsula community. We are hard at work practicing with energy, commitment and enthusiasm. And, in the words of one of the shepherds, "it feels like we are family." 


We hope you'll join us for this beloved Christmas tradition and extend a warm welcome to your family and friends.