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Summer 2022 Seasonal Openings

Makeup Designer & Instructor

PVTC summer makeup designers & instructors collaborate with an experienced and enthusiastic creative team to plan for and execute a summer camp production. The makeup designer & instructor is responsible for creating the makeup “look” for all campers and works closely with the hair and costume designers to develop a cohesive character profile.

Successful applicants are driven, independent, excellent communicators, collaborative, inclusive, visionary, and interested in developing the whole student. Teaching experience on Zoom in a socially distanced setting is a plus. PVTC uses Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox for all camps.

REPORTS TO: Producer

OVERSEES: Makeup Design Intern

WAGES $25-$28/hour

OPEN POSITIONS:  We will be hiring a Makeup Designer & Instructor for:

  • Sessions I (June 13-July 1) - Frozen Jr.

  • Session II (July 5-15) - Frozen KIDS

  • **PVTC is hoping the Makeup Designer for Frozen Jr. will also work for Frozen KIDS, though we will gladly accept applications for candidates who can only work one of the sessions. Please let us know your availability in your application.


  • Attend monthly production meetings for each show you’re designing

  • Attend all-staff meetings and trainings

  • Participate in one-on-one calls with director or other staff to plan activities as needed

  • Create inspiration boards to share in production meetings

  • Create design templates for each character/camp

  • Provide a list of materials needed for camper kits in a timely manner and a list of which actors need which items

  • Provide a list of scheduling requests for director/stage manager

  • Prep instructions for families on any prep they might need to do/items they might need to acquire before camp

  • Plan and facilitate training sessions for intern mentees, and help interns set appropriate goals, and train interns on specific projects/tools that will be used for their camp


  • Lead makeup design rotations for your show. This can include makeup theory, instruction on creating looks, having students make art/collages around their design, and teaching students about continuity.

  • Set up, maintain, and cleanup appropriate workstations for makeup rotations

  • Attend post-camp meetings to debrief the day and report on design progress

  • Make requests for supplies, space set up, or emails home in a timely manner using proper channels of communication

  • Support campers by celebrating their strengths and providing them with growth challenges through instruction, sticker chart rewards, and sharing your observations and suggestions

  • Participate in the morning circle and group activities throughout the day

  • Work closely with the creative team to create a unified camp experience in which each rotation supports the work of the others

  • Mentor makeup design interns in the high school internship program by helping interns set goals, taking them through the creative process of makeup design, teaching them to update paperwork, and mentoring them through leadership opportunities.

  • Record intern progress, accomplishments, and growth areas throughout camp as well as provide a brief written report about each intern at the end of camp

  • Communicate schedule needs to the director and stage manager

  • Refine makeup designs & feedback leading into tech and performances

  • Collaborate with other instructors to write student/intern congratulatory cards

  • Attend and support performances, which might include helping actors with their makeup before and after the show

  • Participate actively in strike

  • Following final performance, fill out post-camp feedback survey

  • Attend post-mortem discussion


Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and resume to PVTC. The letter should outline how your goals as an artist align with PVTC’s philosophy, state your area(s) of interest for staff positions, and illuminate relevant experience listed on their resume. Letters and resumes should be submitted to

Actig Instructor


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