Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume to PVTC. The letter should outline how their goals as artist align with PVTC’s philosophy, state their area(s) of interest for staff positions, and illuminate relevant experience listed on their resume. Letters and resumes should be submitted to

Acting Instructor

PVTC summer acting instructors provide opportunities for students to explore the art and joy of acting. Acting instructors collaborate with a camp-specific director to challenge and support the growth of each actor  in their role through games, exercises, conversations, and fun. Acting instructors will lead rotations of 8-12 campers through acting basics as well as share leadership of full camp warm-ups and games.

REPORTS TO: Producing Artistic Director

OVERSEES: Shares mentorship of Rotation Leaders, 

who also report to the Student Activities Director

QUALIFICATIONS & SKILL SETS: The ideal candidate has 3+ years experience teaching acting to students in elementary, middle, and/or high school. Applicants may hold a B.A., M.A., or MFA in a theatrical or educational discipline but we welcome qualified applicants with equivalent/relevant experience. Successful applicants are driven, independent, excellent communicators, collaborative, inclusive, creative, and interested in developing the whole student. Teaching experience on Zoom and/or in a masked, socially distanced setting is a plus. PVTC uses Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox for all camps.


  • Part-time prep period (March through June 14): $300/show

  • Camp period (Full-time as hired per specific camps between June 14-August 6):  $1,000-$1,300/week


  • Data Breach - Middle School Devised Piece (June 14-25)


  • Attend approximately 6 scheduled production meetings for each show you’re working on

  • Attend 5 all-staff meetings and trainings

  • Participate in one-on-one calls with the camp director or other staff to plan activities as needed

  • Provide the director and stage manager with scheduling/rotation requests in a timely manner

  • Watch auditions, attend callbacks, and participate in casting or story development discussions

  • Provide audition feedback for campers who request it

  • Plan and facilitate training sessions for intern mentees, and help interns set appropriate goals, and train interns on specific projects/tools that will be used for their camp

  • Help with camp set-up which might include preparing camper kits or setting up the PVTC space


  • Set up, maintain, and cleanup appropriate workstations for rotations, whether your personal space on Zoom or in person for yourself, students, and interns

  • Attend camp rotations and post-camp meetings (whether on Zoom or distance, masked, and outside in person)

  • Support campers by celebrating their strengths and providing them with growth challenges through instruction, sticker chart rewards, and sharing your observations and suggestions

  • Participate in the morning circle and group activities throughout the day: Be prepared to lead full group physical and/or vocal warm-ups for the entire camp, as well as full-group games that focus on fun and ensemble

  • Plan 45 to 60 minute lessons for groups of up to ten campers in either the elementary, middle, or high school age range, some of which will be executed on Zoom and some of which might be offered live.

  • Design lessons to be appropriate for the platform (Zoom, or socially distanced and masked outdoors)

  • Focus lessons on basic acting techniques as well as exercises that aid in character development for the specific camp project. Topics could include: projection, diction, character voice, physicality, script analysis, comedic timing, or ensemble

  • Acting classes should be activity-based or game based

  • Work in collaboration with the director and actors to create meaningful backstory for each character

  • Support the director in coaching desired scenes, monologues, or moments

  • Make requests for supplies, space set up, or emails home in a timely manner using proper channels of communication

  • Mentor Rotation Leaders in the high school internship program in selection of appropriate theatre games for a variety of scenarios (high energy, community-building, focus) and observing interns in their game leadership/offering feedback on their rotations as well as through the creation of a weekly camp skit.

  • Record intern progress, accomplishments, and growing areas throughout camp as well as provide a brief written report about each intern at the end of camp

  • Collaborates with other instructors to write student congratulatory cards

  • Attend and support performance, whether on Zoom or presented live

  • Following final performance, fill out post-camp feedback survey

  • Attend post-mortem discussion

  • Assist with 3 hours of strike