Preparing for Your Audition:

It's as easy as 1-2-3! 



1. Download and fill out your Audition Form​.  You should bring it with you to the audition. Make sure you've attached a photo that        

       shows your face!

        Session I Audition Form

      Session II Audition Form


2. Click here to read the Character Descriptions and choose your first-choice character​


3. Prepare for your audition by clicking on your first-choice character below to learn what is required for your audition. Give

       yourself plenty of time to become comfortable with the section of the song you're supposed to sing and practice your line, if your              character has one.


Nathan Detroit               Miss Adelaide                Sky Masterson              Sarah Brown

Nicely-Nicely Johnson   Arvide Abernathy           Benny Southstreet         Rusty Charlie

        Harry the Horse             Big Jule                         Lt. Brannigan                General Cartwright

Hotbox Girls                  Master of Ceremonies    Other Gamblers             New York Citizens

Havana Dancers            Mission Band



All the audio files you'll need for auditions can be downloaded here: AUDIO FILES FOR AUDITIONS



FAQ About Auditions

Question: Who will be at my audition?

Answer: A group of 8-12 other campers who are a similar age to you. You will audition with this whole group, so you never have to be alone! PVTC Summer Staff will also be there: the director, musical director, choreographer, stage manager, and projects instructors - all of these teachers are excited to work with you this summer!  



Question: When is my audition?

Answer: Auditions are taking place the week of May 12th and callbacks are Saturday, May 17 for Session I and Sunday, May 18th for Session II.  PVTC Staff sent an email to you with your audition date and time.  This year we pre-assigned campers to time slots.  If you are missing this email or if you are unable to attend your pre-assigned time slot, please contact our office at and we will be happy to assist you.



Question: When will I get my script and CD?

Answer: You will receive both your script and CD at auditions.



Question: My audition is 1 hour, what will we do?


A group warm-up/game - This puts new campers at ease and allows everyone to get to know each other and the teachers. It also allows us to see how performers work as an ensemble.


A simple dance combination  - Each student will learn a short piece of choreography. Come to the audition in clothes and shoes that allow you to move!


Singing - Each actor must sing at auditions. If you are trying out for a specific part, you should learn the section of the song associated with your first-choice character. If this whole process is new to you, you can choose a simple song like "Happy Birthday" or the ABC's.


Acting Certain characters require acting auditions. To find out if your character requires an acting component, click on the character names above.

Additional Information

Demystifying Auditions:

Do's & Don'ts


DO  Give yourself enough time to prepare for your audition. Be familiar with your song and lines, if your character speaks. Practice in front of other people, like friends or parents.

DO Get a lot of rest the night before your audition. Make sure you have your audition form and character prep sheet ready before you come to the theatre.

DO Make interesting physical and vocal character choices - don't be afraid to take risks!

DON'T Wait until the last minute to prepare for your audition. You want to be calm, confident, and relaxed.


DON'T Wear flip-flops or restrictive clothing to your audition. You want to be able to move freely.


DON'T Forget to have fun! 

Getting into Character


THINK ABOUT watching a clip of "I Love Lucy."

TRY watching clips on YouTube of other Guys and Dolls, Jr. productions.


LISTEN to all the songs that we've posted online.  

If you have any additional questions that we have not answered, please feel free to contact us!


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