Grades 6-8

PVTC’s middle school program aims to inspire a deep theatrical passion in students as they begin to find their own artistic voices. Our fall/winter introductory class provides an overview of acting styles, while our design course involves students in the production process. The intermediate and advanced year-round courses challenge committed actors and musical theatre performers to go deeper as artists and humans. Further, we offer a variety of spring workshops to allow young artists to try out new theatrical disciplines.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

FALL session the week of Sept. 9th - Monday, Nov. 18th (No class Veteran's Day)

WINTER session weeks of Jan. 13th - March 9th (No class President’s Week) *Year-round classes resume Jan. 6th

SPRING session weeks of April 13th - May 18th


Spring session begins the week of April 13th and runs the week of May 18th. Spring workshops are open to all students in this age group. There is no final performance for spring workshops. If you are currently enrolled in class please use the code your instructor provided to enroll in a workshop.

Thursdays 4:00pm-5:15pm | Grades 4th-8th

Musical Theatre Dance Marathon

Tuition $175 (Join During Week 6 for ONLY $30)

Show up for class and learn a different dance combination to a popular Broadway show each week. That’s seven fun, short dances you’ll have in your pocket by the end of spring (and it’s great practice for learning dances on the spot at auditions!).

Tuesdays 3:45pm-5:00pm | Grades 6th-8th

Devising in a Digital Age

Tuition $175

There are so many ways to create characters, write a script, and tell a story as an ensemble. In this 6 week course, our students will use the basics of improv, physical theatre, and creative drama games to build unique characters and stories. Then, using technology and video, we’ll write an original script together. This class is entirely student-driven - we’ll start with a rough outline and together bring a new world to life.

Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm | Grades 6th-8th


Tuition $175

Shakespeare lovers rejoice! In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the Bard’s most famous (or infamous!) villains, heroes, and clowns from some of his most well-known plays. Try your hand at characters you’ve always wanted to play. 

Thursdays 5:15pm-6:30pm | Grades 4th-8th

Stage Make Up

Tuition $175

Learn the basics of stage makeup, transforming yourself into an animal, a pirate or a princess. Each student will receive their own theatrical makeup kit and will learn a new look each week.

Fridays 4:45pm-5:45pm | Grades 4th-8th

Designing for the Theatre: Lighting 101

Tuition $175

Do you love how lighting can affect how an audience feels during a performance? Are you interested in the technical aspects of lighting design? Over the six weeks, you will learn the mechanics of a theatrical light, what types of lighting instruments create specific effects, how to design lighting looks for a certain mood, and how to program a lighting board. 

Individual Coaching - Monologues

30 min coaching | Grades 3rd-Adult

$50 per 30 min. session

These 30-minute Zoom coaching sessions for individual monologue work will provide personalized feedback for actors looking to master a monologue. Sessions are customizable for the needs of each actor, but can include:

  • Choosing material appropriate for age and genre of potential upcoming auditions

  • Text & table work on already selected material

  • Beat-by-beat coaching on memorized material

  • Tips on attire for auditions and review of acting resumes

Contact to inquire about a coaching session

Individual Coaching - Acting a Song

30 min coaching | Grades 3rd-Adult

$50 per 30 min. session

These 30-minute Zoom coaching sessions assist actors as they bring characters through musical theatre songs. Vocalists can expect to receive feedback on character development and creating an arc as they tell a story through song. Sessions are customizable for the needs of each actor, but can include:

  • Choosing material appropriate for age, vocal range, and type of characters the actor wants to play

  • Text work on already selected material

  • Beat-by-beat coaching on memorized material that might include character work, choreography, and telling a story through song

Contact to inquire about a coaching session


The following classes are open to students by audition or approval of instructor. They are intermediate level courses that require a true passion for theatre, discipline, and time commitment. These classes culminate in two fully staged projects during the school year. The second performance will take place the last week of March, then students can choose which of the spring workshops they would like to participate in for the final two months of class. One spring workshop is included in year-round tuition. Students are welcome to enroll in more workshops if they are interested. ENROLLMENT FOR YEAR-ROUND CLASSES is now complete. Please contact the PVTC office at if you are looking into mid-year enrollment options.


Classes begin the week of Sept. 9th

There is no class Nov. 25-29 due to Thanksgiving

There is no class Dec. 16-January 3 for the holiday break

There is no class Feb. 17-21 due to President’s Week

There is no class March 30-April 10 due to spring breaks

STAGES: Acting (6th-8th) - $855/year 

In this intermediate class, students will work closely with instructors to hone their innate skills as actors, as well as to stretch themselves to explore new acting frontiers. Through scene work, monologues, theatre games, and short scripts, students will have a chance to explore a variety of characters and topics throughout the year.

Wednesdays 4:45-6:00

Performance #1 - November 20 at 6:00pm

Performance #2 - March 11 at 5:30pm

STAGES: Dance for Musical Theatre (6th-8th) - $1050/year 

In this musical theatre class, students will work on 2-3 songs each quarter to be performed at the end of the session. Students will receive coaching as actors, singers, and dancers and will apply the musical theatre techniques they learn to creating characters & telling stories through classic musical numbers.

Thursdays 4:00-5:30 NEW TIME!

Performance #1 - Nov. 21st at 5:15 pm

Performance #2 - March 12th at 5:15pm

Performance Ensemble (6th-8th) - $1050/year 

Geared towards acting students who are self-driven and yearn for complex theatrical experiences, Performance Ensemble offers our middle school actors a chance to dive deep into a one-act script and focus on creative staging, character development, and ensemble work. Students are challenged to stretch themselves in a variety of roles and take responsibility for themselves as actors.

Tuesdays 3:45-5:15

Performance #1 date TBD

Performance #2  March 10th at 4:30pm