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John McGrory

Board Member at Large

John McGrory is a business executive, musician, teacher, coach, and passionate supporter of youth performing arts and sports. John is founder and CEO of ClassOne Insight, a software company that provides complex data analysis solutions, and he previously led three other technology companies. John has played trumpet for most of his life, particularly focused on jazz, big band, and Broadway show music, and directs school music groups and teaches young musicians. John also coaches youth baseball and soccer, and encourages young people (and their parents) to be active in both music and sports. In addition to PVTC, John is also a member of the Board of Directors of the California Youth Symphony, Alpine Little League, and Menlo Park AYSO. John and his wife (Stephanie) live in Menlo Park and have four children.

Fictional or non-fictional person you think we need more of in this world: Arts leaders who are charismatic, passionate, and create life experiences

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