Summer Access Perofrmances   



This year, we’re continuing a tradition started last year and opening previews to audience members of all ages and abilities, hence the title, Access Performance! 


This means a few specific things:

• First, we’ll be keeping lights on in the audience at a low level throughout the performance and adjusting any sudden or surprising light and sound cues. 


• Secondly, we’ll be preparing a room, outside the theatre, for audience members that need a quiet space to decompress during the performance. 


• Finally, we will speak with our campers about cultivating an attitude of understanding regarding any non traditional audience behaviors they might observe (moving around, talking, etc.). Together, we can help all audience members feel welcome and included in the world of theatre. 







Thursday, August at 10am - THE LION KING KIDS

Thursday, August at 12:30pm - HAMLET


About Lion King KIDS (runs approx. 3o min.)

Everything is going well at Pride Rock: the animals live in harmony in the Circle of Life and King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi have just celebrated the birth of their son, Simba. Unfortunately, Mufasa’s brooding and vengeful brother, Scar, plans to take over the kingdom. With the help of his hyena pack, Scar tricks Simba into running away never to return. Luckily, with the help of friends and family, including the Raffikis, Storytellers, Timon, Pumba, Nala, the Lionesses, and the animals of Pride Rock, Simba is able to take his rightful place as heir to Mufasa and send Scar out of town for good.


About Hamlet (runs approx. 1 hr.)

There is nothing more exciting than working on this story of revenge, madness, and tragedy with an awesome group of actors and teachers! Join us for Lindsay Price’s sixty-minute adaptation of the most-produced play in the English language, geared specifically to middle and high school students. The ghost of Hamlet’s Father orders Hamlet to avenge his murder. Hamlet’s inaction leads to madness and tragedy. What more could you want? The play’s the thing.


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