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Access Accommodations

PVTC is excited to partner with families to ensure that every class and camp opportunity meets their needs. We know that every student has unique accommodations that will empower them to succeed — here are some of the accommodations we have offered in the past.

For Acting in Performances

“Dropping In” for Lines

For students who might be empowered to make bolder acting choices without the pressure of memorizing a script, PVTC uses a technique called “dropping in” lines. With this technique, a volunteer buddy helps feed lines to the actor, allowing them to repeat it back while staying in character.


Large-Print Scripts

For performances or showcases that use a script, we can make sure there’s a version with large type to make it easier for all students to read..


For Spending Time on Campus

Campus Tours 

For students who would benefit from extra time on campus before a performance or class, a PVTC staff member or volunteer can offer a guided tour of campus to familiarize everyone with key locations.


Social Stories

For students who would benefit from social stories and/or visual guides, PVTC can create social stories for a variety of situations. Past social stories have included information about daily routines (including schedules and key members of the PVTC team), the process of attending a show (including any potential sensory triggers), and different strategies for coping with difficult situations (like if a student is feeling stressed at camp). If your student has a specific story that would be useful, we can make a guide for it!


Extended Breaks

For students who might need more time to adjust between activities, we have modified break schedules.

For Attending Performances


Access Previews/Sensory Friendly Performances 

In the past, PVTC has offered access performances, which feature a more relaxed environment in the theatre space and modifications to potential sensory triggers in the show, such as rapid-changing lights our loud noises. We also offer fidget toys and a designated quiet room on campus for audience members who might need a break.

Would your student benefit from an accommodation not currently listed below? We encourage you to reach out to the PVTC team — we are committed to creating an artistic home for every student on our campus and we’d be thrilled to collaborate with you to make that happen!

Contact to discuss our access accommodations in more detail.

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